Ingram Micro Cyber Security Summit 2019

Held at the Cordis Mong Kok on 18 June 2019, the Ingram Micro Cyber Security Summit 2019 focuses on the latest cyber security solutions that are designed to protect and fend off attacks in today’s digital space.


Most would like to believe that mainly large enterprises will ever be at risk of digital attacks, but the truth shows that small to medium sized businesses (SMB) are also victims of data breaching. For many companies, outdated methods of cyber protection are still at use, such as the ad-hoc approach in which defense is only at play when the threat is actively present. While this method may work in some cases for low-level threats, businesses that carry massive amounts of data require a much more comprehensive and strategic defense line to protect against malicious digital attacks.

To shift away from ad-hoc protection, companies such as Cisco, HPE, IBM, Palo Alto, Symantec and VMware are now providing extensive data protection that utilizes automated learning to defend against future attacks in the form of an advanced preventive measure. With each attack, this technology automatically picks up, analyzes and adapts to the malware which then proceeds to create a defense system that will combat and protect against future threats from all angles. Along with a team of security experts that are ready at bay to solve the most difficult situations, businesses are guaranteed maximum support all their digital endeavors.

Understanding the pain that entails during digital transformation, Ingram Micro strongly pushes the cyber security movement to ensure that the most advanced solutions are available for businesses that wish to scale up at the lowest risk possible. The Ingram Micro Cyber Security Summit 2019 gathered some of the most influential brands in the field of cyber security by providing a platform for people to learn directly from industry experts on the most current and pervasive issues that exists in the digital realm. Through providing a range of hardware, software and security solutions for businesses, Ingram Micro aims to Realize the Promise of Technology for all.