HPE & IM - 10th Annual BankTech Executive Summit 2019

Held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center (HKCEC) on the 22 February, the 10th Annual BankTech Executive Summit 2019 is the industry’s most important annual meeting to showcase the latest advancements in finance technology that are tailored for IT executives and industry leaders.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Ingram Micro Hong Kong, Value Added Distributor of HPE take part in this summit as an advocate for some of the most game-changing digital innovations that are leveraged through financial technology, which drives to increase profit and possibly explore untapped business opportunities.

HPE, an information technology provider has been a trusted financial partner for decades. For over 35 years, HPE has been providing solutions and technological innovations that have helped the finance industry deliver an innumerable amount of transactions on a global scale. To point out a few, HPE solutions touched 2 out of 3 credit card transactions globally, processed over $3 Trillion in transactions annually, and is actively powering 130 of the world’s largest stock and commodity exchanges.

Joining hands with Ingram Micro Hong Kong in this annual BankTech summit, we offer a share of its influence in the pursuit of technological advancements in the finance industry.

Some of the key themes in this summit includes:

• The Next Big Thing for Financial Services in 2019

• Convergence of AI and Blockchain

• AI, Big Data & Robo-advisors

• FinTech, RegTech, and SupTech

• Intelligent and Connected Financial Services

For the IT industry, finance is a key motivator for the continuous advancements in technology. Profits that are acquired through effective results are funneled back into funding for newer and improved services. Things such as artificial intelligence which are built on the pillars of big data gives modern IT technology an edge in shaping the way businesses function.

With HPE, Ingram Micro Hong Kong focuses primarily in bridging the gap between technology and businesses by being an advocate and active provider of the newest and most effective IT experience.


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