Hewlett Packard Enterprise at AWS Summit 2019 Hong Kong

Held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center on 26 June 2019, the AWS Summit brings together the cloud community with major IT players like Ingram Micro and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS’s cloud technology.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), provided by e-commerce company Amazon.com, Inc., is a comprehensive cloud platform that provides on-demand storage, runs applications and provides the power needed to help businesses operate their IT department. Instead of relying on traditional measures (data centers, physical servers, etc.) to manage data, cloud technology provides businesses with the capacity to deploy faster and at a greater magnitude without the burden of rising costs and hands-on maintenance.

While AWS is one way of managing data through the cloud, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) offers a hybrid form of cloud storage that gives businesses flexibility and on-demand access to even more storage. Because public cloud doesn’t guarantee maximum security, hybrid cloud offers much higher security, predictability, and overall improved performance through a local data center. If your business demands flexibility, high scalability, or even high levels of customization, then hybrid cloud might be the better option.     

Whether its hybrid cloud or public cloud, Ingram Micro believes in the power of cloud technology. With companies like Amazon and HPE providing this weightless, high-performance and efficient form of technology, businesses can scale up and move away from outdated methods of data management. Ingram Micro focuses primarily in bridging the gap between technology and users, giving every business and individual the opportunity to get their hands on the most advanced IT tools available on the market.