Technology innovation that fosters business transformation

Our Products


Software-defined, cloud-enabled enterprise servers and systems that help you operate at business speed.


The world’s most intelligent storage built for our hybrid cloud world to help you unlock the full potential of your data.

Advanced Solution

A sound infrastructure software strategy removes the administrative burden of IT, letting you focus on your business goals.

Our Services

Our services methodology begins with Assessments, Planning & Design Services aimed at improving and optimizing your customer’s existing IT environment, identifying critical issues and mapping them to potential solutions.

Our experienced professionals will provide the oversight and management of all the people, processes and technology for the project so they all come together at the right time and the right place to meet the expected business results.

Work with technical specialists to manage, monitor and support your customer’s IT environment to help them reduce operational costs, increase productivity and free up valuable resources so they can focus on their business.

Partnership between HPE and Ingram Micro

If you’re looking for hyper converged servers and storage for your business, you’ve come to the right place. Ingram Micro Hong Kong is HPE Value Added Distributor that offer a broad range of solutions for organizations of all sizes across any industry. No matter what your needs are, we’ll work closely with you to deliver the best solution for you and your business, delivering greater efficiency and better results than ever before.



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猶如置身辦公室一樣 HPE遙距工作解決方案

過去一年疫情反覆,在家工作早已成為工作的新常態。針對流動辦公室而設的VDI(Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)便成為不少企業的好幫手,VDI將公司的電腦桌面虛擬化,並通過加密的網絡通道,讓員工可以隨時隨地以不同的裝置遙距工作。