Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s 25 Years of ProLiant Innovation

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) recognizes the success and impact of its industry-leading ProLiant servers by celebrating the device’s unrivaled track record in helping small to midlevel businesses achieve its fullest digital potential.

ProLiant servers are designed to help businesses run smoothly, productively, and securely at an affordable cost. The question of security is uncompromised for all businesses, and HPE reciprocates by providing equivalent attention in creating the most secure server in the market to combat all types of cyber threats. Performance-wise, expandability helps to deliver the required workloads and decrease potential data loss. It is created with the customer’s needs in mind by using the most capable and cost-effective approaches whilst being the most reliable and trusted in the IT industry.

To celebrate the success of the ProLiant servers and its determination to create the most dependable server in its class, HPE hosts a 25-year anniversary to acknowledge the innovation and impact delivered through this lineage. Prospects are offered bundle discounts for ProLiant servers as a form of gratitude for the past two decades of continuous support.

Ingram Micro Hong Kong is Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Value-Added Distributor and a proud partner in delivering exceptional IT experience.

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